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What is the AR-9?

Posted by Ormond Arms

What is the AR-9?

The AR-15 boasts an almost perfect design with handling that can’t be matched. Precision and accuracy are what the platform lives for. And while the AR platform is revered for its ability to perform well in any situation, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The AR 9mm is a good refresher, bringing to the table similar handling on a lighter platform, while optimizing performance with superior accuracy and precision. What is the AR-9 rifle?

The AR-9 is a variation of the AR platform that generally keeps the same dimensions of the standard AR-15. It is able to fit in some jigs made for the AR-15. Most of the notable differences in the AR-9 are in the gas system, which does not utilize a gas tube. Instead the bolt works like a standard handgun with a slide. There is no gas tube or gas key, so the action is completely recoil based. There is also no forward assist. Some of the AR-9 lower receivers come with LRBHO, however some do not. If that matters to you, let that be one of the questions you look to get answered before you buy one.

The AR-9 shoots the 9mm cartridge and is compatible with Glock magazines. Aftermarket magazines hardly ever work so be very careful what kind of mags you want to run on your build. Generally, your spending on ammunition should be pretty low, and if you already have a glock in your possession, switching over the mag to your AR-9 build is as easy as a slide and click.

Performance wise, the AR-9 rivals the AR-15. Because its handling is so similar you shouldn’t have a hard time adjusting. Successive shots should be much easier to perform as the lack of recoil from the 9mm shouldn’t be as daunting. You will experience better accuracy with the AR-9 than with most other rifles and handguns that fire 9mm.

You get all the customization options that you would normally get with the AR-15 with the AR-9. Because the dimensions of the frame are the same, you can put any optics you want on them. The trigger group is the same as well, so if you bought a trigger group that you really liked for your AR-15, it will be compatible with your AR-9 build as well. This also works for any furniture you might have for your build from optics to lasers and lights.

You can get the AR-9 in a pistol variant as well. Getting a pistol version of the AR-9 will actually suit your build a little better as the 9mm cartridge copes well with smaller barrel lengths. The AR-15 and its standard .223/5.56 is not optimized for smaller barrel lengths, so making a pistol out of it can result in lower durability and performance in the long run. The AR-9 pistol is definitely a viable option for your next Self defense build.

Ormond Arms has everything you need to start your AR-9 rifle or AR-9 pistol build. From jigs to other key components, you can rest assured knowing that your build will be quality and demand the highest level of performance.

The AR-9 boasts superior performance and precision accuracy while maintaining the comfortable handling of the AR-15 platform.