What are some of The Biggest AR 15 Misconceptions?

For a while now, the negative stigma revolving around 80 lowers has unfortunately grown, especially in light of recent shootings that have occurred in the past couple of years. And especially in the case of Ormond Arms, our true vision of what we want this company to be, has been sullied by people who use these shootings to promote their political agendas, and begin a systemic disarmament of the population.

So in order to bring back some truth on the Internet, here are some of the biggest AR 15 misconceptions in the media today.

Are They Legal?

Pretty much the biggest AR 15 misconception regarding 80 lowers is that they are illegal or otherwise a loophole in the law. This is completely untrue. Let’s unpack it.

The Bureau of  Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has openly stated that the personal manufacture and machining of a firearm by an unlicensed gunsmith is legal. However, the trade or sale of these firearms is illegal.

ATF passed a bill in 2015 that disallowed any company that sells 80 lowers, from letting independent builders to access any of their machines or tools that would aid in building. The nature of whether this is right or wrong is a subject for another discussion, but this just goes to show, the purchase of an aluminum block is not illegal.

The Ghost Gun Dilema

in this AR 15 Misconception, he liberal left has taken to calling 80 lowers “ghost guns,” as if un-machined blocks of aluminum were at all dangerous to society at large. It is true that 80 lower built rifles do not need to be serialized in most states. This is because they are not built under FFL regulations.

The term ghost gun is meant to demonize and spread fear on the subject of firearms. It takes advantage of the horrible nature of mass shootings in order to point the blame at firearms built from 80 lowers, and those who build them, simply to promote anti-firearm regulations.

But as we already went on, the building of 80 lowers into operable firearms is legal. They do not need to be registered once they are built, unless you are in California.

In reality though, the use of  serial numbers for the purpose of tracing, them is relatively new. In fact, this only started being mandatory for FFL firearms because of the GCA. Before that, companies used serial numbers to match interchangeable parts. It was an organizational tool, not a way to control firearms.

What is Our True Vision?

Ormond Arms, and many other 80 lower sellers out there are here for a very specific and important reason: To make sure the citizens of a nation that promotes the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are equipped with their right to defend them.

It is a vision derived from the Constitution, which calls for action against such movements that would see those rights taken away. For this reason, we provide our customers with only the best for things like home defense, sporting, and hunting.

And if you are new, do not let these AR 15 Misconceptions

Visit our website at Ormondarms.com to see our select 80 lower parts and kits along with helpful guides and blogs to ensure you are building the best AR 15 possible!

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