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Top 15 Most Resourceful AR-15 Forum Communities

Posted by Ormond Arms

Top 15 Most Resourceful AR-15 Forum Communities

Sure, selling an high quality AR-15 is all well and good, but a good AR-15 company is nothing without the community that backs it. Thankfully, with the help of the internet, the ability of gun businesses to connect with the firearm community is much easier. Now gun enthusiasts, armorers and potential customers are a click away across multiple different facets and platforms. Online forum communities are pools of the community’s finest, eager to share information, gain experience, and buy guns.

Here is the list of Top 15 best and most resourceful AR forum communities out there on the internet right now:

  2. AR15 Armory
  3. AR15 Forum
  4. AR15 Builders Forum
  5. FirearmTalk
  6. M4Carbine
  7. Gun and Game
  8. AR15 Forums
  9. The Armory Life
  10. Primary and Secondary
  11. Gulf Coast Gun Forum
  12. Reddit
  13. The Firearm Forum
  15. AR15 Nation


Starting as a mere subscription based mailing list in 1996, has become one of the biggest online communities, through advancements of the internet, to create one of the biggest online forum communities to date. With a highly active community of about 5,000 daily members, connects businesses through dealer accounts, to customers in an innovative and streamlined way.

AR15 Armory

AR15 Armory prides itself on its community’s affinity for the AR-15, however it is very open to many other kinds of firearms, from black powder muzzle loaders to semi auto. And although it has about 100 members online a day, the community is very tight knit, and ever-willing to share information that is much more targeted. It is by no means the biggest AR-15 community out there, but there are valuable members that can give you the information you need.

AR15 Forum

This community was originally created due to all the censorship and oppression of information that was implemented by the big tech companies like Facebook, YouTube and many others. As well as the combination of absorbing all the other forums with outdated platforms, listening to user suggestions and implementing more user-friendly technology that is smooth and makes the lives of online users little more less complicated.

As possibly the newest forum on our sight, AR-15 Forum has been gaining traction ever so quickly in the online gun world. Pooling its content and layout from many different forums, the community makes itself accessible to all different kinds of discussions, from all the different parts of the AR-15, to other firearms. It also serves as a hub for gun businesses to connect with members, allowing advertisements of the best those companies have to offer.

AR15 Builders Forum

As a community focused on building AR-15s, AR15 Builders Forum invites “discussions, debates and general information regarding the AR platform.” With about 1,000 members, this AR-15 forum community offers detailed discussions on various methods of assembly and experimentation with the AR-15.

Firearms Talk

Not all forum communities are as targeted as others. And sometimes that’s a good thing. Firearms Talk is a forum that caters to all different kinds of firearms, inviting innovative discussions on the legalities of firearms, buying perspectives and different types of ammo benefits. Its approximately 50k members have spanned over 2 million messages worth of information, ranging from building, buying, and shooting.


M4Carbine is a forum community that focuses on both discussion and connection between businesses and gun enthusiasts. With many different sponsorship abilities, businesses can more easily cater to customers with intent to buy while receiving constructive feedback. The loyal membership of M4Carbine is strong among its many members.

Gun And Game

There are many forums like Gun and Game, but not many that run with the same style. With a focus on firearms in general, members are able to discuss topics ranging from historical firearms for reenactments, to the best hog hunter out there. If getting access to historical arms is your fancy, then definitely give this online gun forum community a shot. With almost 30k members, there is a lot of information to find on a host of different firearms and disciplines, from three gun shooting to historical reenactment, to open political discussion.

AR15 Forums

AR15Forums is an online AR-15 community that is targeted towards the many different interchangeable parts of the AR platform. Discuss topics on different kinds of magazines and optics and participate in the WTS and WTB markets, where members gather to sell parts and kits. It is a stable forum with at least 1000 members discussing the AR-15 and all it can offer shooters who are willing to put the time in.

The Armory Life

If you are searching for an online gun community centered around current events, legislation, and the 2nd amendment, look no further than TheArmoryLife. This community is the perfect place to get political and discussion topics can range quite freely. There is a system of hierarchy based on a few different accolades all achieved through different kinds of posts you make, from the number of posts, to the kinds of reactions they get. The forum has an integrated search engine so you can look up topics based on search queries that interest you.

Primary and Secondary

Not many forums connect people quite like Primary and Secondary, which is set on becoming a vessel for gun enthusiasts and second amendment activists to connect in different ways. Listed in the forum are sub forums where members can recruit workers, navigate through lists of non profit organizations and connect via region. Primary and Secondary is an online gun community that seeks to not only inform, but get the gun community active online and in the world.

Gulf Coast Gun Forum

If you are in or near the Gulf Coast, this forum is for you. Connect with members just like you who have a knack for talking about guns. This online gun community is meant for everyone, and serves as a Gun buyers forum as well. This forum also lists some resources like its gun range map which lists all of the gun ranges in locations near the Gulf Coast. If you live in Florida and the southern parts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, then definitely give Gulf Coast Gun Forum a shot.


Chances are, if you are a gun nut, this platform needs no introduction, Reddit serves as one the biggest interconnecting webs of information on the internet. It has helped the gun community share information through videos, seminars, and plain old discussion on a grand scale. Reddit hosts so many different sub communities that revolve around guns, that it's almost impossible to not find one. And the thing is, if you can’t you can always create your own subreddit around the topic you want.

The Firearms Forum

The Firearms Forum is a dedicated forum that promotes discussion about the AR-15 and other types of firearms. However, what makes it unique is that it doubles as a directory of articles, funneling only the most credible authors into its platform to create resourceful content. The directory offers guides of any type, as well as reviews for popular firearms on the internet.


AR15.CO Is the Colorado AR-15 Shooters club and discussion forum. Here, members of the region are able to discuss topics around multiple different platforms of the AR-15, as well as other firearms altogether. With members mainly in the MidWest region, the forum enjoys the exchange of ideas of its international members priding itself in the support of inalienable right to keep and bear arms. Established in 2002, the forum is still going strong, allowing only members to participate in discussion and view content.

AR-15 Nation

AR-15 Nation is Facebook's biggest closed group centered around the AR-15. You might be surprised to hear about Facebook on this list, given all it has done to censor gun enthusiasts and gun businesses. However, AR-15 Nation serves as the biggest closed community on facebook, sharing news, information, and memes! Be careful though, they do have some strict rules which limit them compared to other online platforms.


Community drives every aspect of the gun world. From the information we all gain from each other to the competitive quality of the gun market, The online firearm communities are havens for us to collect information and share our experiences in preserving the amendment that brought us all together in the first place.

These forums offer their users more than just AR15 related information. It offers the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. Which is the community. Place where like-minded people can connect with one another, discuss news and industry trends, share your opinion without being censored and most importantly meet those who will always have your back. Since we outlined all the valuable communities in this article, you can now become part of the one you think the best suits you.