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The History of Serial Numbers on Firearms

The 80 Lower industry has raised many eyebrows since its inception. Particularly due to the fact that serial numbers, are not legally required (except for California) to have a serial number. There are some cases where an AR 80 lower might need one, We will get into that later in the article. But for now here is a brief history of the serial number on Firearms.

Serial Numbers Back then

Before the Gun Control Act of 1968, firearms did not legally require serial numbers. Manufacturers however, were known to serialize the different parts of any of their firearms for internal uses. Keeping track of so many parts would have been hectic if not for the use of serial numbers.

However, when 1968 came, serial numbers became mandatory for all firearms, being sold or purchased. This shift made the purchase and ownership of firearms more difficult for law abiding consumers.

So, Serial numbers have existed for a  while, mainly as a way for manufacturers to match interchangeable parts, and give some identity to the firearms they created.

What’s it Like Today?

Now though, the 80 lower industry has given some freedom back to the AR consumer. Serial numbers are not legally required with these firearms, as ATF regulations require the lower receiver to be at least 80% complete in order to be legally classified as a working firearm.

However, the rules are not as simple as that. If the 80 lower you have built uses destructive rounds, or is fully automatic, then it will need to be registered with a serial number. However, in normal cases, the owner can choose if he or she wants a serial number, right down to the numbers on it as well.

Here at Ormond Arms, we want our customers in the know of all things firearm. In line with this desire, we do our best to post helpful information and guides to make sure our customers produce efficient AR 80 lowers, in the safest way. Visit our blog and our shop for the best in AR 80 lower parts and kits!

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