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80 lower

Why is an 80 Lower Something You Should Buy?

The 80 lower AR-15 is name  many know, whether from experience or by the media. And depending on what you know it from, it might be a satanic demon spawn for the deepest depths of the abyss, or you think it is the poster boy for the fight against the disarmament of the United States. […]

80 percent lower

Should You Build An 80 Lower AR-15?

Here at Ormond Arms, we always want to help you be informed well. We believe that arming yourself with knowledge is just as important as arming yourself physically. And one thing you have to know is what you want and how exactly you want it to be. We are here to give you a great […]

AR-15 Rifle Kits

What is the BEST Finish For Your AR-15?

The AR-15 is praised for its modular design, allowing for some of the most inventive, and creative furniture to be placed on and around it. While we can spend all of the time we want to go over what the best accessories are, but in reality, personal preference and customization are what this rifle is […]

What are some of The Biggest AR 15 Misconceptions?

For a while now, the negative stigma revolving around 80 lowers has unfortunately grown, especially in light of recent shootings that have occurred in the past couple of years. And especially in the case of Ormond Arms, our true vision of what we want this company to be, has been sullied by people who use […]

Do You Need an 80 Lower Jig to Build an AR-15?

Building an AR-15 can be daunting for first time builders. However, when it’s completed the feeling of accomplishment is such a good feeling. But, you aren’t alone when building your AR-15. There are many tools that can help make it much easier. Though you don’t need to use these tools, There is one you should […]

AR 15 Customization | How to Personalize Your AR

The modular design and history of the AR 15 has made it one of the most interchangeable rifles in the world. Besides 80 lowers being a way to obtain these rifles a lot easier than “conventional” methods, the customization is the reason for the AR 15’s astounding popularity. Here are some of the best AR […]

Complete Lower | How the Different Methods Affect Your Build

When going after your first complete lower, there may be some hiccups when it comes to how its done. Well, we at Ormond Arms are here to tell you that building an AR is not a walk in the park, but how you plan to build can greatly affect its difficulty. Here is an Official […]

Beginner Tips on How to Build an AR 15

For Veterans of the hobby, it is easy to build an AR 15. However this may not be the case for beginners. Since there are many ways to build an AR 15, focusing on one method and planning correctly are the most important tasks to complete before the actual build process. Types of Lowers and […]

AR 15 80% Lower | How and Why to Buy in Bulk

While buying AR 15 80% Lowers may be easy now, the fact is, in the future, this may not be as easy or even possible. That being said, the reason you should continue to read this article is so that you are equipped with the knowledge to buy as many as  you can within your […]

Keeping Clean | AR Maintenance Guide

A lot of work goes into building your unique 80 lower AR 15. But the work does not stop there, especially if it is being used regularly. Knowing how to properly maintain your rifle is important in promoting its longevity and durability. Here is our AR Maintenance Guide that will help you maintain your AR […]

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