AR-15 Rifle Kit, 16” Stainless Barrel 15” Quad Rail, With 80% Lower

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An AR-15 rifle kit for DIY gunsmiths everywhere, if you’re building your own AR-15, this kit is a fantastic option. With upper and lower receivers in anodized black hard coat finishes and precise machining, these AR-15 parts are available online at Ormond Arms. Proper cycling is ensured because we test fire all fully assembled uppers.

This AR-15 rifle kit is perfect for the rifle enthusiast in the market for a longer barrel. Components included in the assembled .223/5.56 upper include the following:

Also included in this rifle kit are an 80 percent lower receiver, a six-position stock with buffer, buffer tube, and spring, and a lower parts kit. Shop our gun parts online further for more on our offerings, from our pistol to our rifle components. Kits are available assembled or unassembled, with black anodized finishes.

*This is a not an FFL item. This is not a complete receiver and requires further machining.

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