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How to Prevent Your AR-15 from Overheating

Posted by Ormond Arms

How to Prevent Your AR-15 from Overheating

If you have an AR-15, you understand that this is a reliable weapon that is useful in numerous situations. Whether you have a rifle for self-defense, hunting or Competition shooting, you need to make sure you take care of it appropriately. This means you need to prevent your gun from overheating. Even though an AR-15 (or DPMS Variant) is a durable weapon, you still need to make sure you keep it within proper working temp. If you do not keep your AR-15 Within the proper range, you can shorten its lifespan, reduce its reliability, harm your accuracy, have “stovepiping”, and misfires. What are the problems with having an AR-15 that overheats, and what can you do to prevent this from happening to you?

The Problem with an AR-15 Overheating

If you allow your AR-15 to overheat, there are a number of significant issues you may encounter. A few significant problems include:

  • If your barrel is to hot, it is going to distort what you see when you look down the scope or sights. Because heat rises, causing a mirage affect, you will end up miss-shooting when you are aiming at your target.
  • A hot barrel can also reduce the lifespan of your weapon. This could cause the barrel to burn out sooner, leading to an expensive repair or replacement bill.
  • Every time you pull the trigger, you send a 5,000-degree flame streaking up your barrel. It lasts only a millisecond or so, but it melts your barrel a little bit each time you shoot. And it can seriously affect your rifle’s accuracy and its point of impact.
  • Of course, firing the hot barrel can also lead to significant burn injuries or unintentional causing a fire. For this reason, this is a significant safety hazard.

These are a few of the biggest problems you will experience if you allow your AR-15 to overheats. How can you prevent your AR-15 from overheating?

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Top Options To Prevent Your AR-15 from Overheating

Understand How Many Rounds Your Rifle Can Handle at Once

First, you need to understand how many rounds your rifle can handle at the same time. For example, there are lots of videos online of AR-15s being fired so long in such quick succession that the barrels turn red. While this should not happen with a quality rifle, it is something you need to think about. In general, you should not fire more than 30 rounds at a time (3 round bursts). With a break between each mag drop, giving the rifle time to cool down.

Consider Lining Your Barrel with Chrome

Another way you might be able to get your barrel to cool is to invest in a barrel that is chromed lined. A chrome-lined barrel can only do so much, so if you are looking for other cooling mechanisms, you may want to invest in a bull barrel, or fluted barrels. If this is something you may be interested in reach out to a professional who can help you.

Clean Your Gun After Using It

Even though you might be tired after a trip to the range, you always need to clean your rifle after using it. The brass from each shot is going to build up inside your gun. This could make it more difficult for your rifle to cool down. Breaking in your gun when purchased as a new unused gun, breaking in is critical. Shoot 3 rounds, clean the barrel then continue 3 rounds at a time cleaning between the 3 rounds until you have completed a 20-30 round set.

Make sure you take your rifle apart after each trip to the firing range. Take the time to wipe down each individual part. Furthermore, if you take the gun apart, it will be easier for each individual piece to cool. This is important for taking care of your gun and preventing it from overheating. Do not over oil, this can cause jamming with debris build up, and failure to go into battery, furthermore a overheated barrel could cause the oil or lubricant to catch fire causing damage and igniting rounds still in the gun.

Keep Your Gun out of the Sun

Even though this might seem obvious, you should try to keep your gun out of the sun or rest in the shade, A/C, or with a fan between sets. The more your AR-15 is exposed to the sun, the faster it is going to overheat. If you cannot find any shade anywhere, consider standing your rifle on top of its butt. Think of your rifle as a smokestack. If you point your AR-15 to the Sky, it will be easier for the heat to vent out of the barrel.

Consider Using a Fan

Finally, you may also want to use a fan. If there is an electrical outlet at the range, you may want to consider plugging in a fan. Then, you can have it blow on your AR-15, cooling it off faster.

Keep Your AR-15 Cool

Ultimately, these are just a few of the many ways you can keep your AR-15 from overheating. Remember that if you'd let your gun overheat, it can distort your sight while also damaging the barrel. Therefore, keep your gun cool by firing and short succession, keeping your AR-15 maintained, and keeping it out of the sun. Furthermore, you can find  accessories at Ormond arms, to keep your barrel cooler. At Ormond Arms, we have a wide variety of tools we can use to help you take care of your AR-15. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team! We can help you find the best accessories for your AR-15.