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2021 FICC

Posted by Ormond Arms

2021 FICC

Hello shooting enthusiasts,

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the above acronym, it stands for; Firearms Industry Compliance Conference and is sponsored every year by Orchid Advisors.

This year, the two day event is broken up into various topics in 3-4 different conference rooms. You choose which issues are most relevant to your business and attend those during the predetermined time schedule. Host speakers ranged from Presidents and representatives of large firearm manufacturers, arms importers/exporters, ammo dealers, to heads of ATF in various departments. 

As the conference was built around “compliance,” the ATF discussions were highly educational from an FFL perspective. This is not an industry that rewards non compliance mistakes! The ATF has strict recording and possession requirements for those of us who make/sell firearms, for those who own certain firearms and they mean business. It is imperative to keep up to date on all existing laws and regulations that the ATF governs over. 

One way to do this is to visit: website and read/research new and existing regulations that apply to each individual's circumstances.

Much talk has been circulating recently, about the effects on the industry at large, concerning stabilizing braces,  80% lowers, SBR’s and kits.

The ATF is in the process right now of re-writing definitions for what constitutes a rifle, a pistol and unserialized kits. This is where pistol braces, home builds and ownership thereof, will be affected one way or another. It is highly suggested for anyone interested in these issues to go to and type in “pistol brace 2021”. 

I find it imperative that gun owners and manufactures read these proposed rule changes themselves. Accepting second hand information from others who “heard” from others, is dangerous at best when it comes to preserving and fighting for our gun rights. By reading these proposed changes individually, each and everyone of us becomes armed with first hand, direct and current information. These changes affect us all, not just some.

The proposed changes, if passed, will have long lasting effects for years to come or forever on our Second Amendment Rights. By law, government agencies need to set aside a period of time for “comments” relating to their proposed changes. We happen to be in the “open for comment” period right now on at least one of these. Your comments make a huge difference in what the new rules will be going forward. Please take some time and submit your thoughts and feelings directly to the ATF. It really is very important that you be heard. Don’t sit back and let everyone else do the heavy lifting on your part.

Submit Your Comment

Written comments must be postmarked and electronic comments must be submitted on or before August 19, 2021.

Finally, one word in the title stands out the most to me and now maybe you. Compliance. It’s interesting how close that word is to govern, as in government. Will we have to comply and be governed, in the future, by new definitions and regulatory rules that weakens our gun rights?

That depends on you. 

- Ormond Arms