Do You Need an 80 Lower Jig to Build an AR-15?

Building an AR-15 can be daunting for first time builders. However, when it’s completed the feeling of accomplishment is such a good feeling. But, you aren’t alone when building your AR-15. There are many tools that can help make it much easier. Though you don’t need to use these tools, There is one you should most certainly consider: the 80 Lower Jig.

What is an 80 Lower Jig?

Think of an 80 Lower Jig as a template for the lower receiver. The general purpose of the lower is to provide exact positions, drill bit size, and drill depth, so that freehanding becomes much easier.

Whereas in a CNC Machine, you would be able to map the exact dimensions on a computer, the Jig is the real world duplicate. Many builders use jigs to build lowers, with the same successful end result. They are good for consistency in each build, however, they will need to be changed out from time to time.

What are Jig Kits?

Essentially the jig is made from aluminum milling plates. Sometimes they can be made from stickers, however, metal jigs perform much better and for longer too.

Jig kits are a group of milling plates designed to hold the 80 lower inside with the proper positioning. The plates are then nailed to each other to ensure that everything is secure.


Do you Need an 80 Lower Jig?

There are some circumstances where I would say no, and somewhere the answer is definitely a yes. If you have a computer automated miller or CNC machine, you do not need a jig or jig kit, however, if you are a first time builder, I highly recommend you get one.

The experience will be a lot less daunting with it because the margin of error is so much lower. Sure it may be an investment, but you won’t be messing up an 80 lower anytime soon with an 80 lower jig.

Here at Ormond Arms, we provide our customers with the best in 80 lower AR-15s, AR-10s, and 9mms, along with the in depth guides on how to properly build them. Visit our website to make your building experience more fulfilling and much easier with our top of the line 80 lower jig kits.


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