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Ormond Arms Video Review

We at Ormond Arms value our customer feedback. That is why we are starting an all new campaign to give you a chance to give us feedback and save at the same time. Your voice is important, and so is easy access to your second amendment rights. From now until August 31st we will be giving out coupon codes for any review that you post online. If you bought any of our items, from 80% lower receivers to AR-15 rifle kits, we want to hear your feedback! Here are the rules to participate.


  • We are looking for our customers to give us reviews that are as honest as possible

  • We will accept Facebook, Forum and video reviews 

  • We will ask for your order number in the process, but if the order was made a while ago, you are still eligible to participate in the campaign. Merely give us the last order number you had with us and you are good to go.

  • All coupon codes will be randomly generated and are single use coupon codes.

  • Multiple coupon codes can not be used for a single purchase.  

  • All reviews need to be submitted BEFORE August 31st in order to be eligible for any coupon code. 

  • Up to 3 reviews can be done, one video, one Facebook, and one forum review. 

Video Reviews - 20% OFF 

We will accept video review entries via our email. Be sure to include your order number and a link to the video in your email. 

Forum Reviews - 10% OFF 

Forum reviews will be just like the above. Please give us a link to the forum post and your order number to receive your 10% OFF coupon. You can on any forum you wish. 

Facebook Reviews  - 5% OFF 

We are on Facebook! Visit our Facebook page and give your honest opinion of your experience with us.

We are excited to hear your reviews!