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Why is the .308 Rifle So Good?

Posted by Ormond Arms

Why is the .308 Rifle So Good?

The AR-15 has gone through many changes over the years. People have taken to making different variations for the purpose of fitting larger calibers. While the standard .223/5.56 for the AR-15 is quite small, it can be made to fit certain caliber sizes that are bigger, like the .300 blk, it is not meant to take very big caliber sizes. That is where the AR-10/.308 rifle comes in to play. In this article we will go over some general purposes of the .308 rifle and why it is a good option for a purpose you might intend it for.

The .308 rifle is a version of the AR-15 that is much bulkier than the standard AR-15. That is because it is meant to be stable and durable enough to take rounds with higher amounts of powder. The .308 winchester round is probably the most common round for the AR-10. Lowers for this type of AR rifle come in DPMS or Armalite builds which cannot be built on the same rifle. DPMS style lowers for the .308 are NOT compatible with Armalite lowers for .308.

That being said, the building process is generally the same for the .308 as it is with the AR-15. Don’t, however, think that it is ok to mix AR-15 parts in with your .308 rifle. That could be bad news. Jigs for the .308 rifle are also different as the bigger dimensions must be accounted for and the lower parts kit is different than the standard mil spec trigger group.

People generally use these .308 rifles for hunting. Because of its platform and ability to take rounds with much more powder in them, they are great for hunting big game. The.308 rifle basically brings the large caliber size necessary for hunting, and the semi auto function of the AR-15 and mixes them up. Not to mention, the platform is still highly customizable, so you won’t have to worry too much about not finding the right tools for your setup.

The AR-10/.308 is a great rifle for marksmanship shooting as well. It allows for higher range shots than the AR-15, but takes the accuracy of the AR-15 and multiplies it at long distances. You won’t find too much that is different about the .308 rifle from the AR-15, and that is because they are essentially the same. However, the performance of either rifle is definitely distinguishable.

Here at Ormond Arms, we strive to keep our customers informed and equipped! Our list of .308 products will surely help you in the build process to create a .308 rifle that is unique and well performing.