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Why Buy An AR-15?

Posted by Ormond Arms

Why Buy An AR-15?

For hundreds of years, firearms have become much more functional. With many experimental designs becoming popular, there is so much to choose from for whatever kind of shooting you want to do. In more recent times, the AR-15 has become the most popular firearm platform to own. When the AR-15 hit the civilian market, it became popular for a variety of reasons, and with new advancements being made all the time, the platform has shown no reduction in its popularity. Here are the reasons We can’t get enough of the AR-15.

AR-15s are modular?

The induction of interchangeable parts in firearms is age old, but the AR-15 takes this to the next level. With almost all of the parts being interchangeable to some degree, fine tuning and modifying it is so easy.

For the people who know what they are looking for out of their AR-15 rifle or AR-15 pistol, this makes getting the necessary setup less of a chore. Where before you would need to purchase an entirely new gun for the purpose you want, the AR-15 can generally be fitted to suit whatever needs you have for it.

Are AR-15s cheap?

AR-15s are relatively cheap compared to other firearms that can be used for the same thing. Especially at entry level, AR-15s come as low as $300. Depending on your budget, that should leave a good amount of room for a nice optic to equip on your build. This is definitely where a lot of the appeal comes in. Since its a very inexpensive way to begin your firearms ownership, especially with the cheap round it holds standard, the AR-15 has gained a lot of popularity for beginners.

Are AR-15s good for the family?

The small caliber of the AR-15 makes it great for younger participants to enjoy them. So besides the good old .22, the AR-15 is another good option for younger ownership.

AR-15s can be purchased in parts or altogether. The variety in selection gives customers the ability to really get in depth with their builds. Because the parts are not very complicated at all, maintenance stripping and maneuvering around the platform is easy with a little bit of practice.

You can either get an AR-15 rifle or an AR-15 pistol. Rifles and pistols are very different from each other. You are not able to do the same things with a rifle that you would be able to do with a pistol, whether in legal functionality or recreational performance. The great thing about the AR-15 is that it comes in both pistol and rifle variants, meaning you can get the best of both worlds with one platform. Be sure to stay in line with state and federal laws to avoid any legal conflict.

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