Colorado 80% Lower Laws

Colorado 80% Lower Laws

Posted by Ormond Arms on May 6th 2022

Disclaimer: To be clear, we are not attorneys. Review and confirm all of your local gun laws as they get updated frequently. If you find any of our information out of date or incorrect please contact us and let us know.

We aim to keep the content and laws on this page up to date. This page was last updated: 4/15/22

Are 80% Lowers Legal in Colorado?

Currently, there are no specific laws regulating 80% lower receivers in this state. Perform your own research before buying an 80% lower to guarantee compliance.

Do I Need to Serialize My 80% Lower in Colorado?

At the moment, serialized parts are not required in Colorado, unless you relocate them to states like California or New York. By moving to these places or by sale to a person in those states, to a resident, or any person in those or other states requiring serialization.

Do note that if you're making an 80% firearm into a complete firearm with intent to give away or sell, you will need a serial number and possibly an FFL if it's more than a hobby.

Colorado Open & Concealed Carry Laws

Open carry is allowed in virtually the whole state, except for Denver County, by anyone 18 or older who is legally allowed to own a firearm. Concealed carry weapon permits are offered only to residents who are 21 years old or older.

Colorado is considered a “shall issue” state. Make yourself aware of the limits of open and concealed carrying before visiting or moving.

Can I Build a Firearm in Colorado?

Colorado residents have the freedom to build their own 80% Lower Firearms without any required serialization or FFL transactions. Colorado continues to respect your constitutional Second Amendment right.

Can I Sell My Completed Firearm Kit?

Selling a completed kit gun nationwide, and under federal rules states that if you build an 80% kit into a fully functioning firearm, and some time later need to sell it (or pass on to your heirs), it is legal to do so. Even an uncompleted kit may still need to meet some state laws. 

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