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AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Posted by Ormond Arms

AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

The AR-15 is made up of many parts and components. They are broken down into groups that determine the platform's function. Many of these can be changed and replaced over time to fit owners needs for comfort, maintenance, and performance. The AR-15 is one of the most popular platforms for a reason, and it mainly has to do with this aspect of its design: It's modular. The lower parts kit is comprised of the main function of the trigger and associated with the bolt catch, hammer and trigger components, as well as the mag release. The lower parts kit on an AR-15 quite literally means that all of the parts on the lower receiver are contained within.

What is in a lower parts kit?

The Trigger assembly is obviously the part of the AR-15 that makes it go boom down range. Setting up the trigger assembly in the correct way is essential to firing and operating the firearm safely. Knowing just how much weight is on the springs, how much weight is on the trigger itself and how much space is in the trigger port are essential to properly installing and operating them. Definitely be sure to give your trigger assembly installation a good deal of precision and accuracy, as much of the guns function will rely on how well you set it up.

The safety selector is probably the most important part of the gun when it comes to safety. There are always other precautions to make, but the safety selector is your first line of defense against accidental discharges.

The bolt catch and mag release are in the same area, but do different things. They both require a magazine to function though. While the mag release function is to hold the magazine in place in order for the bolt to pick up rounds, and then quickly discard empty magazines, the bolt catch function is to stop the bolt from going into battery once the magazine is empty.

This works when the magazine platform is sprung up to catch the lever of the bolt catch, thereby blocking the bolt from entering into battery after the final discharge. Once that is done, a magazine can be quickly inserted into the magwell, and all it takes after that is to release the bolt catch to chamber a new round. There are Bolt assist devices which act as levers that hook on to the bolt catch which make it possible to release the bolt catch with the trigger finger.

Not only is it important to know all the pieces of a lower parts kit, but it is important to know what the best lower parts kit is. The Ormond Arms Lower parts kit is comprised of all milspec components that come together to fashion a rifle that is unmatched in any class of lower parts. You can count on its reliability and be sure of its impeccable performance. Click here to view our expert-assembled lowers, to bring a new aspect of shooting to your range.