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AR-15 Cleaning Tips How to Keep Your Rifle Clean

Posted by Ormond Arms

AR-15 Cleaning Tips How to Keep Your Rifle Clean

The AR-15 in its inception was marketed as a gun soldiers would never have to clean. A gun that wouldn’t need to be cleaned, especially during the Vietnam War would definitely peak the interest of military officials. However, when the M16s came without cleaning kits, the soldiers found themselves with jammed weapons, mainly due to less than clean conditions.

Every gun should be cleaned, and thankfully when it comes to a civilian situation, our lives aren’t depending on the cleanliness of our guns all the time. However, the lack of urgency to keep our AR-15s clean, means that we sometimes ignore that necessity. So in the spirit of keeping our guns clean here is an AR-15 cleaning checklist.

Why should you keep your AR-15 clean?

Gun cleanliness is meant for more than keeping its aesthetic. Carbon build up can negatively affect your gun’s performance and longevity. Rust can start to build up on the barrel, and if you use corrosive ammunition, the bore of your AR-15 can be severely malformed. Carbon build up in the trigger group can cause misfires and, if not properly lubed, the finish on your bolt may come out.

A lot of things can go wrong if you don't keep your AR-15 well lubed, and well cleaned. Thankfully, with these tips, all of those problems can be avoided!

Field strip before going out to shoot

It is always a good idea to make sure the cleanliness of your is in an acceptable position right before you go out to shoot. Field strip your AR-15 rifle or pistol and check to make sure there is no major carbon build up in the more critical points of the firearm. The BCG, FCG, and bore are the most critical parts of the firearm and should be free of any debris before shooting. Make sure these areas are well lubed as well.

Spring cleaning your AR-15?

If you have multiple firearms in your home, chances are you already do this. An AR-15 Spring Cleaning is a more in depth cleaning to make sure you have gotten all the gunk from your range days. Get your brush, pads, and gun cleaning solutions ready because it is time for a cleaning haul. Giving your AR-15 an in depth cleaning every once in a while will ensure that no parts of the firearm are rusting or corroding away. Carbon build up can occur in the places you least expect.

Be organized!

Organization is key when cleaning your rifle with extreme precision and efficiency. Make sure you know where you will put every piece, especially the small ones so assembly and disassembly are a breeze.

If you are new to AR-15s and gun cleaning in general, keeping an organized workspace will help you while you learn the bits of your gun.

Gun cleaning will always be necessary. We all have our varying methods to cleaning, but we all seek to achieve the same thing, and that is preserving the longevity of them for as long as possible. You know about cleaning your gun, but you don’t have an AR-15? Visit Ormond Arms for your AR-15 80% Lower receiver and parts to build your dream rifle.