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Beginner Tips on How to Build an AR 15

For Veterans of the hobby, it is easy to build an AR 15. However this may not be the case for beginners. Since there are many ways to build an AR 15, focusing on one method and planning correctly are the most important tasks to complete before the actual build process.

Types of Lowers and Calibers

When it’s time to build an AR 15, It is important to know exactly what you want in terms of material and caliber. This also means you have to understand what kind of activities you will be engaging in.

Here at Ormond Arms, we stay away from cast and polymer builds as, the consistency of reliability is not 100%. Instead we offer the best 1075 forged lowers, and billets to ensure, versatility, quality, and reliability.

When it comes to the caliber, we chamber .223, 7.62. and  5.56. This allows our customers to choose exactly what they want and the parts they need to make it happen. Whether it is for sporting or hunting, there is something for everyone who wants to build an AR 15.

Some Legalities

At Ormond Arms, we cannot stress enough being within the limits of the law. If any of our customers buy our parts with intent to build and sell, that is illegal. As we are here to fight for our right to bear arms, remaining in the law, is the best way to get our message across.

In states like California and New Jersey, people have been heavily discouraged from building ARs. Though they are not completely banned, it is still very important to know the laws that regulate the purchase and ownership of 80 lowers.

Here at Ormond Arms, we mix the best guides and information, with excellent parts and kits to help you create your dream AR. Visit our shop, or check out our blog for all your AR needs!

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