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Oregon Gun Laws

Are AR-15 Legal In Oregon?

Pistol, Carbine, and Rifle: Oregon Laws AR-15

The AR-15 become traditionally a semi-automatic rifle gripped, box-shaped with 5.56 mm NATO.

No need to register AR-15 in Oregon. There is no waiting time to buy an AR-15 in Oregon. A background check is required to buy an AR-15 in Oregon, either through the private parties, through a dealer’s weapon or at an exhibit. Contrary to common belief, there is no “escape route in gun performances” in Oregon. Anyone who buys AR-15 weapons or other firearms in Oregon must undergo a background check through the Oregon State Police.

The background check on most dealer costs around $10, which requires identification and a fingerprint issued by the government. The background check takes only a few minutes and you can leave the shop with a rifle on the same day, usually between 20 and 30 minutes.

AR-15 is not a registered trademark of firearms. Although originally designed and manufactured by Armalite, the term now has taken the meaning of  “Xerox ” and  “photocopy “.

For example, the AR-15 is not a Mustang produced by the Ford or the Corvette produced by Chevy. AR-15 is more like a half-ton truck and many companies build a half-ton truck. Some of the most popular AR-15 variants are produced by Wesson & Smith, Ruger, Bushmaster, Colt, Anderson, DPMS, etc.

AR-15 has various configurations. There is a long AR-15 rifle, as well as a slightly shorter carbine. There is also an AR-15 pistol. All AR-15 configurations are legal in Oregon as long as they remain semi-automatic. Otherwise, they meet the minimum length requirements (total length and barrel length) for all rifles and shotguns, whose use is not met. Restricted areas, such as government buildings, etc.) is not prohibited, and the owner is expressly authorized to have firearms.

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