AR 15 80% Lower | How and Why to Buy in Bulk

While buying AR 15 80% Lowers may be easy now, the fact is, in the future, this may not be as easy or even possible. That being said, the reason you should continue to read this article is so that you are equipped with the knowledge to buy as many as  you can within your budget.

Here at Ormond Arms, we want to preserve YOUR right to bear arms, so that the fundamentals of our nation are not taken away from us. That being said, the availability of purchasing and owning Ar 15 80% Lowers may be non existent within 2 years.

What Can an AR 15 80% Lower Offer You?

Security is the main thing. In a world where crimes cannot be met with law enforcement in a split second, the right we have to defend ourselves is not only a liberty, but a responsibility. Purchasing an 80 Lower will give you the ability to defend your own home.

Liberty is what you express when you build your own AR. It is a testament to your patriotism and your love for the country that stands for your right to bear arms.

Creativity is called on when it is time to complete your custom AR. With accessories for miles, and parts that allow you to tune the efficiency of your AR, It is a rifle that is tailored by the people and for the people.

Bulk Buying

When it comes to buying AR’s in bulk, there are a few reasons you should. If you are new to the AR building hobby, then having multiple lowers will be beneficial if you mess up.

Having many 80 lowers will allow you to store them, and continue their build at another time. Since nothing lasts forever, having multiple will reduce the cost of purchases in the future.

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