About Us

As "the new guy" on the rifle parts, kits and accessories block, Ormond Arms has been hard-at-work creating a leading brand with an outstanding product portfolio. Servicing the robust AR15 market, our job is simple: providing the absolute best-of-the-best product and earning the trust of the firearm community as a distributor. With high-quality AR-15 parts, 80% Lowers, and other firearm related products, Ormond Arms has quickly established itself as a standout player in the industry.

All our parts are carefully selected for their quality materials and proudly made in the United States. For users, every part sourced on our website is built, tested and vouched for by the best people for the job: the firearm enthusiasts, veterans, outdoorsmen, and professional shooters that make up our own incredible team.

This love for the industry is how we ensure our high quality components give you everything you need for your perfect build.

Ormond Arms: A History 

Born in 2018, Ormond Arms went live to the digital community in early 2019 with a robust business website that gave thousands of proud Americans the exact thing they were looking for: full access to quality AR-15-platform-focused products.

Since then, we have continued to proudly expand our AR-15 platform inventory into various other products and accessories, all of which allow us to offer lower prices, faster shipping, and outstanding customer service focused on our clients' needs. At Ormond Arms, we share one specific goal: preserving the 2nd amendment by providing the civilian market with easy-to-purchase tools to take their rights into their hands.

Why Should You Buy From Ormond Arms? 

With our live inventory product list, we rival even the fastest shippers in any industry, allowing customers to receive their purchases in the shortest amount of time possible. This is the foundation of our reputation for excellence, creating that all-important trust between us and our proud buyers. The American Dream is for us all. With Ormond Arms, you now have the means to defend that dream.

And, it should go without saying, this is a great way to save money on your investment. Say goodbye to the taxes, high price-points, and fees that come with trips to yearly shows or purchases from your local gun shop. Sure, we've all got a soft spot in our hearts for those visits, but with so much to choose from, much better prices, and minimal wait times, there's less reason than ever not to buy your parts, kits, and accessories online. Ormond Arms gives you everything you need to build quality competition-level rifles at the click of a mouse, right there in your own home or office.

Our expert staff provides clients with first-rate customer service and are there to guide you through every step of the purchase process. Get in touch with us with any questions and concerns, and we'll provide you with competitive market pricing, faster shipping and a service experience that's second-to-none.

Give us a shot (so to speak). Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we're committed to making it a reality with every purchase.