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It started with a dream, like any other to give something more, a symbol of what can be accomplished with a little patience and the desire to achieve something special. It is what we strive for here at Ormond Arms  everyday to ensure customer satisfaction and  reliable builds.


Gun enthusiasts and hobbyists understand the value of a high-quality AR-15 kit. Putting guns together with your own expertise and components from a trusted supplier is obviously rewarding, but it is  about more than that. It is about the preservation of our rights, so that, on our own accord, the defense and security of those rights is something we can stand for together. 



For those experienced in gunsmithing, Ormond Arms offers a unique selection of high quality parts and kits. For those just getting to the party, we offer a chance to learn, and develop new skills as you express and preserve the independence that makes our home something worth fighting for. 


However, it is not always about what we can defend against. Sometimes, it is about how we can educate our those who see differently than us. Because, at the end of the day, ideas have a greater capacity than any magazine you can fill with lead. 


Should the state stand or fall, rest assured knowing Ormond Arms has it all. 


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