80 Lowers | Choosing Between AR 15, AR 9, and .308

Since the beginning of the AR 15, it has made its way to becoming one of the staples for modern rifle owners everywhere. With its modular design, it has ushered in new variations that cater to the different needs of each individual. When it comes to 80 Lowers, Ormond Arms is here to break down the benefits of the AR 15, AR 9, and .308.

What are the Similarities?

Let’s get down to what makes them all similar first. The similarities in exterior design make these rifles pretty much the same. All of our 80 lower receivers are forged 7075 T-6 Aluminum with raw, anodized and cerakote finishes. However, in order to see why each 80 lower is different, we will have to take a look at them individually.

What is an AR 9?

The AR-9 is the 9mm variant of the AR 15. It may look the same as a .556 or .223 chambered lower, but the differences are in the fire control group. It is smaller in order to chamber 9mm parabellum cartridge as well as Glock Mags.

These are great for home defense and competition shooting due to its high capacity and relatively low weight.

What is a .308 Lower?

The AR 10 chambers .308 rounds.The rifle was originally designed from the AR -15 platform. It is great for hunting and bench shooting and even though it’s dimensions are larger, this rifle is lightweight and very accurate. The AR 10 is also capable of long range shooting for all those looking to challenge their accuracy at a distance.

Whats is an AR-15?

The Golden Child of the 80 Lower industry, the AR 15 is a common middle ground between the .308, and AR 9. Coming in standard specs, with forged 7075 T6 milspec aluminum, the AR 15 is the best option for beginning builders and DIYers.

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The differences in the 3 AR 80 lowers reside in the dimensions and the fire control groups. Since they chamber different rounds, the fire control groups will have to accomodate the size of the rounds, as well as the type of magazine.

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