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Here at Ormond Arms, we are just like you: dedicated to preserving our second amendment rights for generations to come. Whether it’s a rifle kit or  your own custom build, Freedom begins at Ormond Arms!

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Your custom AR-15 is only a few clicks away. At Ormond Arms you have the right to life, liberty, property, and the freedom to choose!

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You are in good hands with our dedicated support team. Whether it’s shipping problems or FAQs, Ormond Arms is here for you.

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Here at Ormond Arms, there are no games.  No extra fees ensure that you get everything you want, for an affordable price and no hassle.

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Titanium .308 Cerakote Rifle Kit - Get a blast of Titanium armored freedom with this .308 Rifle Kit, 5% OFF, kicking off our first special offer of the week! Offer ends 3/10/19

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Defend Your Rights One Part At A Time

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